Looking to Buy a New FW13 AMD 7040 and have Questions

  1. First, I plan to install PopOS on it and usually battery power for linux sucks by default, but my first question is about battery life. Debating between the 7640U and 7840U and leaning towards the 7640 because I assume it might be better. Either option is gonna be paired with a 2x32GB Crucial 5600MHz kit. Would I notice a difference between the two?

  2. Also on battery life, I’m thinking of pairing it with a low power consumption WD blue drive. Because of this I’m doubting going for the higher speed ram and instead go for 4800MHz to get the lower latency and save a little money. Would this have any impact on battery as well if I went with the higher speed ram, as well as being limited by the slower SSD during read/writes?

Context, my use cases are mainly going to be VM’s, coding, not really any gaming expected on this, perhaps the occasional video edit (maybe). Just kind of a hyper efficient travel laptop for alot of text stuff. I know some coding uses would benefit from more cores with long compilation times but that shouldn’t be very often. I would likely offload that to a VPS anyway.

  1. Probably not, the difference is most likely negligible.
  2. I’d doubt there’s much difference between them.

All in all, it probably won’t be noticeable. Make sure you get an NVME WD Blue instead of the M.2 SATA variant since the FW13 doesn’t support M.2 SATA.