Lots of USB 3 Devices

I use a lot of USB 3.0 devices and hubs and printers

As you know, connecting USB devices into multiple hubs causes unique power issues. Sometimes the only way to get a USB device to work is to plug directly into the PC motherboard’s USB slots. (I currently use a Win 10 desktop PC)

My Framework laptop is coming soon.

What hubs should I buy?

E.g. if you had lots of USB devices to plug into a FrameWork laptop, then how would you do that?

Would you buy some kind of high-end Type-C usb hub? Thunderbolt hub?

I don’t know much about hubs and speed and the newer type-c connectors. I’m pretty ignorant about this.

So just looking for an Amazon link to a USB hub with around 10 ports that would work well with my new Framework laptop.


I’ve been looking at this too. And I’m also equally ignorant as you when it comes to ports. It really depends on price. The ports docks offer may seem similar between USB and thunderbolt docks, but the realistic amount of ports you can use consecutively on the TB ones would probably be much more.

If you want USB3 something like this should probably do the tricks.
If you’re looking at thunderbolt 3 then this’ll probably do it,
If you’re looking for thunderbolt 4 prices are more or less gonna be the same for every dock (frankly same with the other 2 docks) so it’s just aesthetics, size, price, and ports. These are just things I found in Amazon with a quick search and not necessarily a good product.

This thread is HIGHLY useful if you’re considering any dock (didn’t check the ones I posted above to see if someone tested them with FW Laptop) for compatibility with Framework.

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