Low profile rj45

Its a shame that there is not low profile rj45 equivalent connector. like micro USB or mini HDMI. I feel like so many devices could benefit from a standard like that or maybe it would just make it more complicated.


It’s an interesting concept, but really the issue would be one of industry adoption. Minor side note, technically what most people call RJ45 isn’t actually RJ45, but a visually similar connector called 8P8C. If you have an ethernet cable, that’s an 8P8C plug on the end, not RJ45. As far as a low profile plug and socket, I don’t see any reason one couldn’t be made, and fairly easily, but then you’d have to convince manufacturers to adopt it, and it would no doubt cause headaches for people during it’s initial rollout. Imagine you’re some random person who just bought a new router, only to discover it has some weird half-height 8P8C sockets on it that you’ve never seen before and none of your existing ethernet cables plug into? You’d probably be pretty annoyed at that.


If something were to replace current ethernet plugs, hopefully they’d do away with the horrid tabs which consistently break off. Although I’d be a bit torn if they couldn’t be cut/crimped by the user.

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If there’s a will there’s a way.
But yeah it would be cool if RJ45 got replaced by usb-c.

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ya but you cant really make your own USB cables without a lot of effort and the USB standard is not designed to do long distance runs.

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@Isidoro_Cosentino yeah forgot about that, length is a problem, guess usb-c wont replace everything.

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The more I think about it, actually, it would make a lot of sense to use fiber beyond data centers and backbones. The only issue is that it’s so fragile.

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HP had one of those spring loaded ethernet connectors for some time. Been using it everyday for the past two years (due to the nature of my job) and it’s still standing.

My current and previous laptop have these springey ethernets. On the previous, the ethernet port (with the moving part) it outlived the wifi card.

@Isidoro_Cosentino That’s a good timing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy312cUHumk
Corning just made a thunderbolt 3 (40gbps) fiber optic cable (up to 50meters), after all usb-c could replace rj45. It’s the first one so it has limitation and cost a lot: it only works on thunderbolt 3 devices, but that’s very promising.
(making your own would be impossible though)

@brochard this is definitely a very cool development and something that I would love to see in the hands of everyday users hopefully costs can come down on that in the future. However, I don’t see this replacing Ethernet anytime soon, with its lack of easy termination and power delivery being two major reasons.