I’m currently working on a USB to TTL converter and I would like anyone to suggest anything that they would like on it whether it be the voltage output or the logic voltage.

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Just how many cards are you working on right now?

I have a feeling that in a month’s time you’re going to reveal a 10 gigabit ethernet cum quadruple USB-C cum snack drawer cum SD card adapter expansion card.

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Too many to count :wink: Working on interfaces mainly like RS-232, TTL, RS-485, UART. Some other interesting connectors. A fair few PCBs will be on order once I fix a few problems. I would like to do Ethernet but will need to figure out magnetics. You will be happy soon.


I’m currently focusing on a ethernet expansion card. Currently I will use a integrated magnetics 10 gig rj45 jack HFJT1-10GHPE-L12RL in conjunction with the CYUSB3610 a 1 gig USB to Ethernet interface IC. I would have wished to do 10gig but due to constraints with price I wish to keep it under 100$ for the parts. As I am already at 30$ with the IC and RJ45 I do not want to spend large amounts of money just on the interface ic. If anyone knows of a easily available components that may be better please message me.


would be nice if it had multiple jtag modes, e.g. “atmel mode”, “pic mode”, etc with HVPP support. Part of this can be implemented in a driver