Lowest Power Consumption : AMD 7840U vs 7840HS?

  • How low can we get idle ? Under 3W ?

  • Are the HS and U the same exact hardware with just different optimisation settings ? Or are there significant hardware differences like the U uses 30% less power

Thanks for the help

(Ive seen people get around 5W for the 7040HS, but i’m wondering if the U gets way lower or not)

The base dies are identical. But do not forget you are comparing completely different mainboards here. The FW16 board has a lot more and higher power components on it. So it might be that it is quite a bit less efficient idling, because of all the additional components (USB Hubs for example, MUX switch). Also its power delivery might run less efficient in idle regions, because it was designed beefier, to be able to power the GPU and additional components as well.

Given that the 12th gen Intel FW13 goes down to 2.6W with the screen still on and the AMD FW13 are said be more energy efficient than those, the FW13 AMD boards should be WAY under 5W.

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For me the 13 runs on average in Linux around 3-3.5W idle. There is some very recently enabled power savings feature in the 3.05 firmware that lets it get down to 3.

There is a report opened very recent that after s2idle on Linux that power consumption is higher at idle and I believe it’s a kernel bug with L1SS getting reprogrammed. More details here: