FW13 AMD stability under Linux

I’m looking to buy an AMD FW13 with the new 2.8 display and the 7840U chip. I run linux as a daily driver and I’m wondering, how stable the FW13 performs nowadays? I’ve seen several reports about problems under linux, but also many reports about fixes for these things. Specifically, a BIOS update earlier this year appears to have fixed many things.

Can someone share their experience on this? Would you recommend the AMD FW13 to be used under linux as a machine for daily productive use?

I’m currently running arch but looking to switch to Nixos with the new machine. I don’t mind a setup process that entails quite a bit of pain and I also don’t mind the occasional hiccups, workarounds and annoying fixes in daily use. But I intend to use the FW13 productively everyday, so a certain degree of stability is required.

My Daughter uses the FW13/AMD every day and did never complain.
Using the FW16 and everything is smooth.
Using KDE Neon. Just runs.

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I got my FW13 Ryzen7 7840u last year and did a first setup with Ubuntu 23.10.
Meanwhile i updated to 24.04 (as soon as it was available) and have no problems at all.

I cannot give information about battery runtime - i maxed the battery loading max capacity to 75% and most or the time i drive the machine wired to the wall plug.

under 23.10 i had problems with steam games - they just got killed when i did switch the virtual desktop with a gesture - this is not the case anymore under 24.04

from time to time firefox (installed via snap) freaks out a bit with a lot of processes - not sure why - running youtube and other websites - but this can be fixed by restarting firefox.

when i want to multitask i connect an 34" lg display via the gen1 HDMI module - works fine but feels like the machine gets hotter and the fans spin up more than usual but its like native resolution of the built in screen + 1440p so just more work todo means more heat…

i remember a time under 23.10 when i got crazy boot loops and also hat a post here in the forum about that. but this happened never again under 24.04.

if there are more questions about linux + amd feel free to ask - for me Ubuntu 24.04 was a good improvement :slight_smile:

currently i did not setup hibernation i just use standby and turn it off when i know i dont use for a longer time