LTE Cat 4 Cell Modem Card

Battery life and latency.

It’s integrated, realistically that’s about it.

I’ve just received the quote back from Quectel, I will be able to sell these for 100USD with free postage, and if you had emailed or PM’ed me you should be receiving an email soon regarding your options for purchase.

If you wish to purchase one via Stripe you can do so directly through this link:
For people wishing to purchase via PayPal, send me an email or a PM with your PayPal address/username, postal address, phone number and email and I’ll send you an invoice through.


This is really neat!

Wondering if it’s convenient if you would happen to have a specs summary along the lines of Tim Taylor’s OP in this thread? For instance to verify the degree of assembly that’ll be required, that it takes a nano-SIM card, which bands it’ll support (we can look up which ones the wireless service providers support on our own I figure), what type of antennas we would need to get for it, and if it ought to work with common Linux distributions?

Apologies if this was posted already, it’s a long thread and you are a prolific poster, or if some of this should be implicitly obvious (I’m not very well-versed in wireless tech at all) :slight_smile:

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I have no clue what module Tim Taylor used, but to answer the other questions, these will be fully assembled, takes a nano-sim, you can find information on the bands on the manufacturer’s website, The models being used are the EG-95AUX, EG95-NAX, EG-95EX (Model selected by which country the unit will be shipped to), Antennas will be internal and I’m making it a similar size to the Ethernet Expansion card. Linux compatibility is guaranteed by the manufacturer

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Well, I’m sold!

Any estimate on a shipping date for the first run?

I love the linux compatibility here