Magnetic Expansion Cards

I have a office setup in my house and one day would love to purchase a desktop computer but my daily computer is the Framework laptop. So I tend to have to disconnect my mouse, HDMI, and ethernet cables anytime I want to bring my laptop anywhere. So I have imagined a concept design of expansion card having magnetic or pin connections that would enable the ease of portability of the laptop. Where I could place the laptop on my stand and automatically connect all my expansion card features listed earlier. I assume its possible but what is the difficulty? Does anyone know if others have tried it? What about products that are already enabling this possibility?

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With that many peripherals, you might want to look into buying a dock. Plug them all into the dock instead of the laptop, that way you only have one plug to connect/disconnect each time.

As for the magnetism, as Anachron was alluding to, someone’s already done it, see Full Power Magnetic Charging Card. You can plug a dock into this, maximum portability achieved.

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