Magnetic USB-C Charging Prototype

Made a Magnetic USB-C Charging Prototype that leverages the JSAUX Magnetic 100W USB-C to USB-C Cable. Can’t find a product page for this cable on jsaux website or I would have included it.

This prototype could use many improvements that I could go into but uploading more pictures that isn’t allowed for new users so I’ll keep this short.

Edit: Grabcad link if you want to 3D print your own bracket.

Interested in any and all thoughts, feedback and questions.


Looks good… honestly I’d throw money at something along those lines… good stuff…


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How did you attach the bracket? Is it likely to fall off if bumped or pulled (for example when taking the laptop out from a backpack)?

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Cool idea and I would like something like this.

Does the connect permit data as well? Sorry if that is a silly question.


Awesome idea, I hope you don’t mind me remixing it for my own version.

It supports USB 3.1 Gen 2, which means 10 GB/s data transfer. I’m sure that’s why Allen_Dutra used this particular cable, it’s also the only USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable I could find in my own searches. I’ll be using this to make a magnetic connector for my USB-C dock. I’m sure when I’m done with my project that someone else will either have an equivalent design, or I’ll be posting pictures and files for my own stuff.


It’s glued on with epoxy. Not the best but proves the point and should survive pretty well in a backpack.

A real product would a fully custom expansion card that is a more continuous unit.


It’s a good question. Very much up to the magnetic cable being used. The JSAUX cable I’m using here supports USB 2.0 speeds.

Sadly it does not. The cable is limited to 9 pins and USB 2.0 speeds.

apple be like looks like mag safe to me where my money

I like this for many reasons! But the most obvious to me saving wear and tear of cables and ports. You could easily dock with this and undock without much worry. We would need USB 3 data speeds though. It would be awesome if it could support thunderbolt speeds as well.

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This is a big reason for me as well and the bracket just protects the magnetic USB-C tip from being hit and keeps the magnetics from disconnecting with the smallest twist of the cable.

For full USB-C speed, more complicate cables are required. They do exist and just have a ton more pins.

Magnetic USB C Adapter,Type C Connector, USB 3.1 10 Gb/s PD,100W Quick Charge - 4 K @ 60 Hz High Resolution

Original Upmely 24 Pins Type C Connector for MagSafe Support Up to 100W 40GB/S PD Data Transfer 5K@60Hz Video Output USB-C Cable

24-Pin Type-C Magnetic Adapter 10Gbs 3.1 Converter PD 4K

The trade off being, these connectors are just more delicate with so many more pins but still very possible. Especially when using a bracket, like with my prototype, support and align the connector.

Having a fully custom custom expansion card recesses the magnetic USB-C tip into the framework laptop is the version 2 I’m considering next.

Points to manufacturer of magnetic cable

Not me officer, talk to the Chinese company manufacturing the cable.

But seriously, intellectual property is probably a huge barrier to Framework offering a Framework branded magnetic charging expansion card / USB-C connection.

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I mean apple would make they made a phone cable you took that cable and mad it for a thin and light laptop like out macbook

My friends (and other people around me) had used these magnetic cables before.
primary advantage is that you don’t need to pull out/insert the connector (creating wear) and that if you bump into it the magnetic connection will fail first (far before any irreparable damage is dealt)
however, these cables offer either poor connection or will flare (due to the non-secure nature of magnetic connections), which oxidize the connectors and prevent them from conducting well.
I don’t think they will last over two months in a high-voltage (20V) scenario if you plug and unplug them on a routine. They might hold plenty well doing the 5V on your phone, however.

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I can totally this as an issue for 20-24 pin magnetic connectors. Lower pin count (6-9 pin) connectors with larger pads should live longer but that would require testing.

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Maybe it have to do with how the “modern” devices soft-start the voltage ramp (e.g. when you plug in, nothing happens and this allow the contact of the two sides to establish firmly, and after that brief timeframe the charger detected the laptop and start feeding the power line with 20V, after all the pins have already properly seated which mean no flare)
My friend had two cables where the gold plating are literally burnt away and have the grey metal inside oxidized and turned black

This is why having the connector recessed into a bracket is helpful.

Otherwise you need a very flexible cable and no strain relief.

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Oops, I saw the manufacturer and thought the cables I had were the same one OP was using. Yes, I am using the USB 3.1 G2 cable here JSAUX Magnetic USB C Adapter 20Pins Type C Connector, Support PD 100W Fast Charging, USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps Data Transfer, 4K@60Hz Video Output Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, More Type C Devices : Electronics

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I’ve been using my Volta cables since I got my machine and have no complaints with them. Perhaps it’s another option for some? They are in Australia but shipping time is still fairly quick.

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