Main page seems to suck up a fair bit of processor time

When landed on with Firefox, the Firefox process seems to use a fair bit more processing time, not just to render the page…but there’s something on the page that seems to continually requiring processing.

…and this is just with one tab being on

This specifically happens after the following steps:

  1. Open

  2. Login.

  3. Browser gets redirected to after a successful login.

  4. Browser now requires high CPU time.

Is anyone seeing this?

Win 11

Nope! 0 to 1% with that URL and others including this one :slight_smile:

I see this:

It fluctuates between 10% to 40% ish CPU utilization.

Additional info: This is in VM, on another slower system. The VM itself is fairly bare. Firefox has uBlock (the only extension). With cursor focus still with Firefox.

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Just to add, if I just open Firefox with only a blank tab (about:blank), the utilization is 0% (as one would expect). This is the baseline:

Then, after logging, I get this (ever long after the page has been loaded and rendered):

If I then click on Community from that tab, it would open a new tab as expected. Then if I close that first tab, and only leave the new tab open…the CPU utilization is low with the Community page:

Something is odd about the main page after logging in.

Using my Raspberry Pi I get 40% use with the video when I’m using

and 0% on the login page Framework | Fix Consumer Electronics

Will check again later on my Framework