MainBoard Kits with modules

We bought couple of framework 13 laptops for our office , and they are great, i wish they had more modules to add since they are USBc, i dont want to go up to a laptop 16 just to do that else getting a usbc hub works good too.
We just bought couple of Mainboard kits with modules, were just noticing that they dont come with wifi Antennas, which is ok, but right now we are having a hard time finding the antenna parts on the framework portal to purchased, any assistance would be great. Also, same applies to the mainboard kits, adding 2 more modules would have been great, it would bring up more value on purchasing something with more pluggability too. Thanks.

Reach out to support and they can probably help you with the antennas.

You can find the antenna Modules in the marketplace. I’m not sure what setup you’re using but there are plenty of aftermarket antennas you can use as well as they use a pretty standard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module and the Antennas all have the same connectors.