Mainboard swap with dGPU in future?


I was wondering, if I buy a Framework Laptop right now, if I will be able to swap the mainboard with other future Framework Laptop mainboards that will have a dedicated GPU. I need a laptop for my study, but I dont need dedicated graphics until 2 years. If I buy a Framework laptop right now, I wish to swap a dedicated GPU in to it in 2 years.

There are no official plans for this. There have been lots of requests and it would be possible should such a motherboard be made, but just keep in mind there are no official plans.

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Okay, this is what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot!

The way the framework laptop is marketed is that the mainboard can be upgraded later. That the body and keyboard, display, could be continually used with a newer upgraded mainboard. Now whether that mainboard would include a dGPU is another story. I think given the thin and light nature of the laptop now, I don’t see that as being likely.

If it is ever a thing it will require a different body type.

HOWEVER, with an external GPU you can use a desktop GPU with it right now, as is, and by design. The Framework Laptop offers 2 full lanes of Thunderbolt 4. This means you can use it with an eGPU enclosure and game either on the internal display or an external display. Youtube it and you’ll see that performance is very respectable. I believe a 2080 is where performance starts to bottleneck. But that is a 2080 with full performance.

This is just one of the reasons why I’ve been thinking about making the Framework laptop not just my laptop but also my desktop.

Maybe something to consider. :+1: