Making Input Modules Standalone?

I don’t think I’ve seen any suggestions for this, though I could have easily overlooked any, but how about some sort of attachment for the input modules, like the keyboards or the macro pad, that provides them a battery and some sort of connectivity like Bluetooth or a USB-C port so that they can be used on their own as a very slim and portable input device with any other devices? I think it’d especially be good for making use of old, but still functioning input modules in the event that one were to purchase a newer module to replace it, thereby avoiding ewaste. And I thought of this when I started considering using a laptop stand with the FW 16, but was kinda disappointed at the thought of that requiring the purchase of a separate keyboard when I already got the nice RGB one for my preorder. And so in a scenario like that where you want to set up the laptop some distance away from you, such an attachment would also be good for being able to still make use of the detachable keyboard you already have. Does anyone have any interest for such a thing or any thoughts on it?

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If I recall, someone did mention that they were creating a USB case / shell for input modules. I believe it would be to sell.

Bluetooth could be done, but the input modules wouldn’t be ideal for it. Wireless keyboards are normally designed around the fact that they will be wireless. Using chips and firmware made to sip as little power as possible. Allowing them to make the most out of small batteries in order to stay small and light. The RP2040 chip and QMK firmware in the input modules aren’t optimized for wireless or tiny batteries. So you’d need a larger battery than usual, and you’d need to charge often. Still, someone might do it.


I would so be down something like this. If the keyboard on the FW16 is the same feel as the FW13, then I would want to use it on every computer. I just really like this keyboard.

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