Touchscreen Keyboard Module?

Didn’t know whether or not to put this as personal project or question because I suppose it’s kind of both. After working all summer and with the help of my family I was able to purchase a Framework 16 for my birthday. And while it’s coming in soon l’ve decided now is time to start looking at possible additions/mods etc. I saw something on e-ink screens about the same size and managed to track down the exact screen. But now I am wondering if I could use something this screen as a replacement to create something reminiscent of a magic bar. Ignoring power constraints and assuming that I could resolder the board could this work?

In addition, anyone with actual skill with electronics who is willing to reach out and help with this I would greatly appreciate.

Not to mention I have a couple other ideas like a battery pack that could fit into rear GPU area and plug into the side, perhaps with a cord hookup?

Any help/ advice is much appreciated, and if this one’s not possible, what about the e-ink one?

Touchscreen: Hosyond 4.0 Inch 320x480 TN Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Display Module SPI Serial ST7796S Driver for Arduino R3/Mega2560 : Electronics

E-ink I’m 90% sure framework used (if someone actually from framework sees this I would love a confirmation):

Wow, that was fast! Welcome to the community! I hope you can find other developers to collaborate with or a mentor who can guide you. Also, once again, congrats on the Framework Laptop 16!

Welcome to the forum.
Congrats on the FWL16.

I believe another user on the forum is planning an expansion bay battery pack (that would go in the rear GPU area).

For the Touch Screen or E-Ink display, are you looking at creating an input module / placing it next to the keyboard where a numpad would be? Have you looked through the information on FW’s github?

The upper input modules are usb 2.0. So you can’t connect an SPI display directly. And there are current limitations, 500mA @ 5v.

I’m seeing that E-Ink display listed as 92x90mm, that wouldn’t fit alongside the keyboard. Available space can be found here

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Thanks for the comment! Since then a lot has happened, namely the computer arrived! While the e-ink display was definitely wrong there may still be hope for the touchscreen. I am about to go check the width and length to the sizes provided by frame work (the height is almost undoubtedly too large and would need some modification) and will also check the data transfer speed needed just to be hopeful. But from a glance it seems to provide plenty enough power, from what’s available on the listing it only requires 5v and 150ma or so. I’m not so sure that number is completely accurate though.

Also I have found and read through quite a bit of the charging/battery expansion so I’ll leave that to the professionals. But since it seems like nobody else is pursuing this screen idea I will likely continue. TBH the only thing that even made me consider a Mac was the Touch Bar, and even though it is long gone, it will forever carry a place in my heart as one of the most simple & ingenious laptop parts/features.

Seriously though, I’ll go check the files and might get back to this thread.

But I also may move this to the correct area lol

I got this LCD display from AliExpress: the R61529 variant from

It’s a nice size to fit in a “medium” input module:

I’ve got a number of different projects going on, but this is on my list to play with.