Manjaro FP reader question

I was able to get the FP reader installed through the wiki, and had to use the terminal for enrollment. However I cant seem to find the gui side of things for log in and sudo. My ADD and tired eyes, have been staring at this screen for several hours. Anyone know of a link that talkas about the goodix and manjaro… or even better a script. I hit a wall when all the info came to the PAM, cant seem to find info that relates. Thank you for your time.

KDE? I think for KDE there is not GUI, you have to manually edit some files. I followed arch wiki fprint Configuration instructions for Manjaro KDE and sudo, login and lock are working fine. fprint - ArchWiki

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Thank you for the quick response, and thank you for the info. I am pretty new to linux, and randomly cut-n-paste terminal commands worries me. Been distro hoping since I received this machine. Pop on one drive, and manjaro on another is what I have narrowed it down to. Even put Manjaro on the 2014 mac mini in the living room.

got it, I’m new as well so I understand. KDE doesn’t have GUI yet for fingerprint but on Pop I think it’s on the GUI or Manjaro Gnome under Settings - Users. But if you have already enrolled I think you need to remove that fingerprint before trying on any other distro.