Manjaro Gnome vs XFCE on framework

I see that Manjaro installation guide is supported for XFCE (Manjaro 22.0 Installation on the Framework Laptop - Framework Guides) Can someone confirm if Gnome installation is also as easy as Manjaro? And are there any issues with Gnome on Manjaro?

Does fingerprint sensor work?

Hi @Lamy, I am running Manjaro with Gnome. Setup was straightforward, the fingerprint sensor works, no issues on my end.

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Yes, we have tested the XFCE installation. Fingerprint reader has not best tested with XFCE, however you may find this guide helpful.

@Matt_Hartley Does it work with Gnome on Manjaro?

@lamy if it works on XFCE it should work on Gnome. Gnome has the best integrated support for fingerprint readers as far as the DE itself goes. If a distro is using an up to date version of fprintd it shoudl simply work as long as the fingerprint reader is enabled in the UEFI/BIOS. fprint - ArchWiki

Please see previous post from nadb.

I used Manjaro Xfce for the first nine months with my Framework, and then switched to Fedora with GNOME for the past five months. My recommendation is to use GNOME. Manjaro’s GNOME edition should be fine. Getting the fingerprint reader to work, and getting the display settings right for Framework’s 2256x1504 display, was not entirely smooth in Xfce.


Shaking my head in agreement. Good stuff right here.