Matte screen protector

We got in touch with the folks at Photodon, and are working with them on matte films sized for the Framework Laptop. More on this soon!


@nrp That’s great!

@N.P I did end up ordering the MXT, although my thought about the sizing was a little different - my mistake for not looking more closely, but I assumed the bezel was already flush with the screen so I went with “cover the active area but leave a little bit of room between protector and bezel to squeeze out air bubbles” and ordered 284mm×189mm (the custom orders can be made to the nearest mm only)


Thanks for the reply. So there is definitely underlap between the screen and bezel?

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@N.P I haven’t opened it up to verify, but fwiw I can barely fit the thickness of a sheet of paper between the screen and the bevel on each side (and on the bottom not even that), so putting down a screen protector big enough to extend beyond the bezel I’m a little concerned may disrupt how the bezel sits. @nrp any chance of a hint of how you are arranging with Photodon to do the officially-blessed version?


I’ll be keeping my eye the film thanks @nrp

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Just wanted to add to the thread that I’ve just applied a matte lite film from Via Screens (Framework Laptop 13.5 Screen Protector - Matte Lite) and I’m quite happy with it.

Overall there is still some reflectivity but it’s definitely reduced and glare is significantly better. I feel like I meant to buy the “regular” matte one but I’ll take what I got gladly. Now no more worrying about my keyboard touching the screen either.


Happy to hear your experience! It seems here is the top page of the screen protectors for the Framework Laptop on the website. I just found the tweet.


What is paper? I can figure out matte vs matte light but I don’t understand what paper is supposed to be.

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Paper-like texture I’m guessing, but also matte

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@themachine Question about the Via Screens protector, when you apply it did you have to take the bezel off or does it sit fully within the borders of the bezel? Thanks!

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@sidewayz Paper screen protectors are useful for people who use stylii, especially for drawing. They have a paper-like texture when touched, which I imagine would be also good for diffusing glare. I just ordered one for my iPad since I was already ordering a Framework matte protector.


Given that the bezel is magnetic, and thus easily removed/replaced, what about a screen protector/privacy film that is built into a swappable bezel? It would eliminate the need to adhere anything to the screen, and could possibly keep thickness to a minimum.


Could work, but I would worry about clarity if the film isn’t adhered to the screen itself.

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Yeah, you’d have an air gab or bubbling. You 100% need to adhere it to the screen


A matte screen protector isn’t satisfactory for me. I’d rather apply that cost toward the purchase of a true matte screen. If you know where such a compatible screen can be purchased, please post.


Just a note that matte screens are in general regular screens which have a matte layer permanently laminated on. There are service providers like Photodon who will do that lamination onto existing panels in a clean room (though their current lamination methods are not permanent).


@Zax Good point. I guess I was thinking that since the bezel is (presumably—I’m still waiting for delivery of my machine so I don’t know) already in contact with the screen, a matte film or privacy protector built into the bezel would naturally be in sufficient contact with it. I suppose if it had a cling-like property, that might work, but there may still be bubble issues. I recall using a 3M privacy filter years ago, and that didn’t need to adhere to the screen.

Maybe this would work for a privacy filter, but not for a screen protector? I would be interested in that. Would be convenient for on/off when traveling (if we ever get to do that again!).


The folks at Photodon sent over a few samples. Here is a side-by-side of an MXT matte screen protector and the regular Framework Laptop, with both systems set to full brightness.

From a viewpoint with high glare, the matte screen protector works great and diffuses light to where the screen can still be used normally. From a viewpoint with low glare, the matte screen looks a little less vibrant.


@nrp Looking good there! Don’t suppose the dimensions were close to 284mm×189mm?

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It looks like it is probably around 285.5mmx190.5mm. They will be listing up screen protectors sized for the Framework Laptop soon.