Screen reflection

im really interested on aquiring one framework laptop but the glossy screen is unfortunately a deal breaker for me. Please framework team consider an anti glare display. The general porpouse of a portable device is using it outside, on cafes, parks and reflection is a critical problem when using a glossy display. Being more a “niche” product i think that anti glare display could be way more useful than having an exemplary color reproduction with a glossy display.
Thanks for the space to share my thoughts on this amazing project. Keep the good work guys.


Existing discussion: Matte screen please! :)

Also, you might be interested in a matte screen protector:

oh damn, i missed that thread, sorry. That screen protector looks amazing. Either way a native anti glare screen could also be beneficial, but i really don’t know how the community feels about color accuracy and how relevant it really is for everybody. Cheers and sorry for the bad english.