New Screen - Leftover Screen?

Hello, all. If you are planning on buying the new matte screen, would you consider selling your old one? I have a scratch on mine that is slightly annoying but not bad enough to warrant replacing at full price.

Even better if you have a screen protector installed. I tried repeatedly to install screen protectors but could never stop dust from entering the application process.

Sorry this is a bit of a weird request :confused:


Not weird at all, some people also will want a glossy screen so get one while you can if that’s what you want.


@amoun I understand, but I’m asking if I could buy a used glossy screen from a community member upgrading to matte when the time comes. I can’t really justify buying a new screen while my old one works fine, but I have some minor scratches that are driving me crazy.

I hope they could create some type of Monitor Kit that I could just use to reuse my old display once I got the matte route.

I’ve requested this here.


@amoun Join us for the Framework Next Level Event on March 23rd - #198 by amoun You were right lol

Yes I got that, just saying you are on the right track to ask early as glossy are going to be hard to come by. :slight_smile:

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People are already wondering what to with an ‘old’ glossy

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As soon the matte screen is available in Germany, @Adonnen you are welcome to pick up my glossy one.

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@ElKrasso I’d love to, but I’m in the US. If I were to buy it, I would pay for shipping, but I’m unfamiliar with the process.

I am afraid that may be a little over the top. But now you know where to get one if nothing easier or cheaper turns out for you.

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@ElKrasso Haha, you’re correct. Thank you anyways.

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@Adonnen happy to oblige when the matte screens come in. I’m in the Toronto area - shipping to most US cities isn’t terribly difficult or expensive. If you have nobody more local when the matte screens come out, just shoot me a message.

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Are you in the US and if so, would you like a brand new one? I unfortunately ordered a replacement glossy screen back in January with the intent to rip the metal brackets off the back to build my own matte screen. The screen is completely unopened. I haven’t even opened the shipping box. I was in the middle of figuring out which double-sided tape to buy when framework made their announcement of the matte screens. I’m unfortunately outside the 30-day return window and I’d rather this screen goes to someone who will use it rather than bringing it to electronics recycling. If you’d be willing to cover the shipping costs, I’ll send this to you for free.

Attached is a photo of the unopened box sitting in my room, living with the shame of containing a shiny panel, and a screenshot of the order from the framework marketplace.


That sounds great, I’ll send a DM.

I got a screen! Thank you all for your interest. I won’t participate, but I’ll keep this thread open for anyone else in the same boat/anyone who wants to get rid of one.