Replacement Matte Screen is great!

I ordered a replacement matte screen, as I’ve wanted a matte screen on a laptop for years.

It’s excellent! Best laptop screen I’ve had for use in a long time! Thank you.


I did also order one, it should be here by the end of the week :smiling_face:.

What stands out to you the most about it?

Glare is massively reduced, making it incredibly clear for reading text.

Is there a trick to buying one? I got the email saying they were in stock, tried to buy one, and some error popped up saying I needed to buy a whole second laptop. I was hoping it was just some transient website error, but I’ve been trying every few days for a week or two now, and it still errors out.

They sold out pretty much immediately. They’ll be back in stock at some point, I’m sure.

Can someone post the part number of the display, and/or take a high-res picture of the screen and post it?

Edit: To clarify, the manufacturer’s part number, not Frameworks.