Mediatek RZ616 very slow

I just installed my Framework 13 with Windows, and as it’s a replacement for a Dell XPS 13 7390, I’m comparing the two as they sit next to each other.

I’m running and from the same room, on the same access point (but not at the same time), on the same network.

The dell gets usually double the download speed.
I changed servers a bunch of times, but it’s always the same: it’s getting 125Mbps whereas the Killer AX1650w of the Dell is getting 275-300Mbps

Is this a known thing about this Mediatek network adapter being so slow?

Try turning off WiFi power saving, there is a similar bug on the Linux side that turning it off helps.


Thank you Mario, but I can’t find this, where is it?
My usual power panel is quite reduced shows where it should be. Try the command line stuff maybe?

Don’t even bother, it doesn’t help.


I updated my driver to this one ( [DRIVERS] AMD|MediaTek WiFi/Bluetooth - Republic of Gamers Forum - 857576

My wifi speed instantly increased from 20 Mbps to 400 Mbps.

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Great! I think framework probably needs to update their windows driver bundle too then. @Matt_Hartley

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Let me get with the engineering team, see where we’re at there. Thanks as always, Mario. :slight_smile:

Just adding another data point from my Framework 13 with the RZ616 card. Running Windows 11, sitting in the same chair with my Pixel 6 Pro getting 100+Mbps. When I put the machine together and installed the framework driver package, my laptop was getting no more than half the download speed of my other devices. Installing the same driver above Instantly bumped it from ~20Mbps down to ~95Mbps. Seems to be rock solid now!