Micro SD Expansion | Task Bar "Eject" is ejecting the expansion card, not just the Micro SD card

Hey all!

I’ve been using my Framework for about six months, and in general I’m really enjoying it. I’ve seen one quirk that I was curious if others have seen.

I use the Micro SD Expansion Card quite frequently. The card reader does the trick very well, but if I don’t eject the Micro SD card a specific way, the entire Expansion Card is actually ejected. Meaning that I either need to re-seat the Expansion Card or do a reboot of my Framework to get it detected again.

  • In Windows, if I eject using the Task Bar’s Devices icon >> Eject, the Expansion card is Ejected. Meaning that I need to re-seat the Expansion Card to use it again.
  • In Windows, if I eject using File Explorer, the Micro SD card is ejected properly.

I’m betting I can script an easier eject using Powershell and/or AutoHotKey, but I’m curious if anyone else has seen this, and what has been done to deal with the issue. Let me know!

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That I have to see as it is held by a physical button, I’ll will have try later :interrobang:

@Christopher_Gallo probably means that ejecting from the taskbar disconnects the microSD card adapter from the operating system, whereas ejecting from file explorer dismounts the volume on the microSD card.

In the first case, they cannot insert another microSD card without first physically removing the adapter. In the second, they can. It is a difference in behavior.

As you know, the Framework Laptop has no support for OS-mediated physical ejection of expansion cards :wink:

@Christopher_Gallo: from the taskbar, is it possible to select the volume entry underneath the device, or is it disabled?

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