Hdmi expansion card showing up as ejectable

I tried using my hdmi expansion card (should be a second gen since it came with my 13 amd) on the second slot since the guide only mentioned dp not working there i thought it was fine since windows didnt show me the screen tho i put the laptop to sleep by closing it to swap the cards from 2 to 4 and now the hdmi card keeps poping up in the eject device tray like theres a device connected and its annoying since it didnt before so i switched them back this time with the laptop shut down and now it shows up there aswell even tho it doesnt work in slot 2 and makes me wonder if the card doesnt go to sleep anymore and keeps drawing the full power to drain my battery is this normal to have it down there if not does it mean the card refuses to go to sleep or is windows being weird or something else?