Microsoft Precision Trackpad support?

Hi all,

Was just wondering whether the trackpad of this machine will support Microsoft Precision Trackpad drivers, as well as whether the trackpad is glass or plastic/what type of surface it uses. I had a quick look through the website but may have missed this information, so clarification would be wonderful.

Thank you!


I certainly hope so. The trackpad looks to be a good size, but bad touchpad texture or drivers will 100% kill a whole laptop dead.

Yes, we use a Windows Precision Touchpad with a matte glass surface. It works and feels great.


Adding a question onto the original one, what’s the mechanism for registering a click on the trackpad?

Is it a mechanical hinge like a lot of laptops, pressure sensitive like the newer macbooks, relying on tap actions?


It’s a mechanical dome switch, though you can also use or disable tap-to-click in Windows or Linux.

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Hot take: I don’t think Precision Touchpad driver support is really that great, it’s honestly quite limiting compared to some other implementations I’ve seen (i.e. more gesture options/customizations, multi-finger drag and so forth). But I suppose it does work better with Windows as a whole.