Windows impression from a Linux user

So I just installed Windows for the first time on my framework. Most things work great. I’ve never gotten WiFi speeds that are this good on Linux.

But one thing that just seems to suck a lot: the touchpad. On Linux, it seemed perfectly good, to the extent that I never understood why people complain about it. But on Windows it’s just…bad. Three-finger clicking only works about half the time, unless I take special care to get my fingers exactly spaced correctly. Scrolling is painfully slow. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

On Windows there should be a driver package to install that improves the trackpad etc.
Check the Windows setup guide at

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I have installed those drivers already.

I’m not sure. What generation framework do you have? From the 12th gen on, only Windows 11 is supported.

My experience with Windows trackpad drivers is quite the opposite however. One thing I love about the windows driver is that you will continue moving if you hit the edge of the touchpad. This makes drag and drop and resizing no problem. On Linux you have to rely on moving your finger fast in the hopes it will go far enough.

2, 3, and 4 finger all work great for me. it is how I move between applications and workspaces.

I’m on a 12th gen board, and I’m on Windows 11. Maybe it’s just my weird fingers or something, but I find the trackpad just isn’t that accurate. On GNOME/Debian it was great though…