Microsoft Windows Autopilot "ready"¿

Hi Framework Team & Community.

It is time getting my work-Laptop replaced and I asked for a framework 13.
IT mentioned the devices are not " Windows Autopilot" ready.
Dear Franework Team, are there plans getting your doors opened for this technology?

According to Microsoft’s partner listing, Framework does not participate (yet).

Thank you and best regards.

It seems like the hardware itself is supported, as the FL13 can run a supported version of windows. What isn’t supported is the main pitch of Autopilot, where the machine can be provisioned at the manufacturer and it will perform set up once shipped and delivered to you and you turn it on for the first time. I don’t think framework would ever support a provisioning process with Microsoft due to their values, but you could mention to your IT that they can take a more involved route and have the device shipped to IT, who manually install the Autopilot-enabled image that would be put on by the manufacturer.


to add to this, since Framework isn’t even set up for officially selling to businesses yet (your business would have to buy one through the same process as any other customer) it likely will not support something like this for a long time if at all.