Minor hibernate issues on PopOS

Hey, so I’ve been running PopOS on my FW16, and I have a couple of small issues. I know PopOS is not officially supported, so I’m mostly trying to see if this is a PopOS specific quirk; and if hopefully there’s already a good solution.

The two issues:

  1. Wifi sometimes doesn’t connect when resuming from hibernate. Turning it off and on again typically fixes it.
  2. The backlight on both the main keyboard and the numpad is always off after waking from hibernate. Cycling the backlight level gets it sorted. What’s particularly weird though, is that the internal brightness level seems to reflect whatever setting it had before hibernation, and it’s not actually reset to being off. Eg, if I start with backlight on low setting, hibernate, and wake up, the backlight will remain off; but if I hit Fn + Space, the backlight goes to medium setting. Similarly if I had it on bright before hibernation, when I wake back up the backlight is off; but then Fn + Space cycles the setting back to off (so visually there’s no change) and then Fn + Space again gets me to low setting. So it seems to remember where it’s supposd to be, but it doesn’t actually do that. I get similar behavior on the numpad.

So again, does anyone have any ideas for permanently fixing these issues? Or any indication it’s something specific to PopOS?

If it matters,

  • kernel version 6.8.0-76060800daily20240311-generic
  • Linux keyboard module with white backlight (not RGB)
  • numpad module with white backlight (not RGB)
  • wifi module is whatever is standard in the FW16