More chassis options (re-post)

Someone posed a question, which someone else moved and then locked the original question, rudely and incorrectly in my opinion…

Because colors are not the only possible facet of that question.

For instance, I am not claiming this is actually a huge deal, but, if it was an option I would like the option to have a slightly thicker bottom chassis to allow:

  • cooling the mvne at all
  • cooling the ram at all
  • better cooling for the cpu
  • bigger battery
  • better sounding speakers
  • modules that allow plugs like rj45, db9(rs232), de15(vga)

I don’t think the machine should have that bigger case by default. If you can only make one version, then the version we have is definitely the right one.

But since this is a modular diy machine, this would be a nice option, even if it only existed as a part that was never part of a shipped and supported config. Same for all the other parts I just mentioned.

There are surely other possible ideas like built-in kickstand to elevate the screen or fold down legs to provide more air or something.

Although that user had a question about case color options, the title of that post was actually generic, and was a legitimate topic in my opinion, at least for just kicking around ideas.

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I don’t think anyone was trying to be rude or incorrect, on the contrary I believe the intent was to help keep the forums a little clearer for people to navigate. There are actually a lot of good suggestions about how Framework can possibly improve the Framework laptop, however having each and every request, idea, or theory randomly strewn across the forum doesn’t really help. Still as there is no real perfect solution to such organizational issues, I’ll just say it is best to not assume that any of the moderators here are trying to be rude or negative. As the moderators give users the benefit of the doubt it would be great if we could be afforded the same privilege. We are all just human after all.


Yeah I was just reacting to the annoyance that I wanted to add to that thread and couldn’t.

1.5" thick base to stuff a rtx3090 haha

But a more realistic idea about that gpu idea… a case with some kind of latch points that a bigger add-on could attach securely to.

I’ve had several different Vaio’s in the past that had a nice thin main chassis, but you could attach a big slab of battery to the bottom, and it attached very securly and made a single solid unit.

That idea could be useful for more than just a battery. It could be for a gpu something else, or it could also be a way to attach the laptop to something else like a mount in a vehicle like cop cars have, or on equipment like to run a cnc machine etc.

Your post was moved as it replicated similar ones, maybe you didn’t search, which was my original response.

There are quite a few and having another is just messy.

try searching

It wasn’t rude to move your post as it was and again is superfluous, and in that vain your repost is even more rude…

If you have a problem it would be less rude to contact the moderators to sort out your annoyance.


Wasn’t my post. I WAS in fact, looking to add to an already existing thread.

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my HP probook had similar, but when I checked the battery wasnt actually any higher capacity than the one plugged into the back, despite being vastly bigger.

Apologies Brian :blush:

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Case that can hold both your new AND your old motherboard!