Vote for desired future Framework form factors

I was wondering if we could have an official vote on which form factors the community wants Framework to make, for instance:
15-16 inch performance laptop with dedicated GPU
12-13 inch 2-in-1
14-15 inch powerful and portable with low power dedicated GPU

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My vote would be to start with a 2 in 1 touchscreen option. After that, seems like a lot of desire for 15"

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i like the idea of it having a dedicated gpu but i don’t like the idea of it being heavier and bulkier and i think that it would mess with the ease of repairability. i think that if the 14 or 15 inch laptop with support for external gpus then that would be the better option.

I’m thinking a chassis size that would fit current model motherboards and a separate daughter card gpu that connects to the motherboard either through the display connector or usb/thunderbolt. The gpu card can double as a passthru for the expansion cards. This way the gpu will be upgradable instead of upgrading the entire motherboard and discrete graphics will have the option for a mux controller to switch between internal gpu or discrete gpu based on application usage. A dedicate port card designed for external display would be a natural bonus which will by pass the need for a mux controller.


14-15" light dedicated GPU but defo touchscreen as well

Touch screen has been a big request at the moment from the community. In addition, I have several artistic friends with failing Lenovo 2-in-1s all less than a 1-2 years old that would swap to something they can repair themselves with the same or better performance in a heartbeat, as most of their devices have the exact same CPU as the base Framework.

Personally, five years ago I would have loved a dGPU option, but nowadays with the advent of eGPUs and their availability (minus the GPU haha, shortages are hell), it’s just easier to use an eGPU if you’re a student+creator like me who wants to only have one computer, or want your Framework to run mid-to-high-spec games. Sure you miss out on the ‘console gamer getting a laptop for school and wants to try PC gaming’ market because of the enthusiast requirement (researching cards, enclosures, power, cables…), but I’d argue that’s pretty niche and doesn’t really have much overlap with the repair community as a lot of of us are enthusiasts already (side note: I can’t wait to see the sales figures on the percentages of units that were prebuilt vs diy).

a powerfull (CAD / editing) maschine would be amazing, best with a 15-16inch screen and obviously a dedicated GPU that and a Swiss keyboard layout would mean we (as a IT company) could start selling Framework laptops to our clients.

15-16 inch? Why this midle size you make a small size make the maximum size 17inch

I’d like to update this with new info.

Intel’s Arc GPU will be the next big thing in tech, and as Framework has already shown an interest at tapping cutting-edge tech, an Arc dGPU would absolutely be a great addition to the Framework ecosystem. It splits the gap perfectly because of its ability to sync and split tasks with an Intel eGPU! As a (perhaps misguided) fanboy of Intel, this is now my most anticipated mainboard that would come out in the next 5 years or so!

How about Framework - Clear Edition with transparent body and keyboard. (and possibly larger battery as thicker case as a consequence)


Surely it would be relatively simple for them to ship a new hinge and a new touchscreen to turn the laptop that they currently sell into a 2-in-1?

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My ideal would be a 17 inch laptop with the same keyboard (no numberpad), similar quality screen, better speakers, more battery life. I wouldn’t even care if it was just the enclosure and I had to use my same hardware.

I want a 15". 17" is too big, I had one at university and never again.

for me I would like a “desktop replacement” 17 inch and an external GPU like suggested a thunderport based MXM card? and if ALL new motherboards supported the external GPU AND NO external GPU the motherboard once to “old” for GAMING could be “retired” to a small laptop chassis like the current thin and light model

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15.2" dGPU with a 3:2 screen – 2560x1708, 90Hz. 6 expansion ports. This is just me dreaming, I imagine such a panel isn’t easily available. No 2-in-1, no camera, no microphone. If I need the latter two, I’ll just get dedicated options for both that have better quality.

I would like to see a 15-15.6" option with room for a 2.5" drive. We burn through engineering laptops at work due to lack of interchangeable parts. We typically dock them for all day CAD usage, so eGPUs and open source cooling solutions would reduce a lot of waste. I know desktops already have all the things I mentioned, but I don’t order equipment.

Same size but say 3-4mm thicker so the case can be beefed up, the battery also and the cooling.

Some of us can handle an extra 500Grams or half a pound. :grinning:

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Now that upgrade board kits are available, a modified chassis without a display is needed so that the old board can be reused. Modification should be an I/O cover where the display should be. using the same connector that drives the display would be awesome. Everything else can be the same base which makes it a keyboard desktop PC. Either offer a mod kit for the laptop or a complete redesigned chassis that takes full advantage of the mainboard. There are already 3D printer/CNC designs online to do this but an official product from the company would be nice.

On my wish list :smiley.
Its wise to wait and see next year what is going on with APUs. The gap between IGPU and dGPU is getting smaller. 5 years ago you would have a 3X increase between the smallest dGPU and the iGPU inside your intel. Now its almost the same. Next year they might not be any need for a dGPU in a laptop (like there is no need on PS5).

  • 16 incher (any form factor)
  • having a cooling for the APU at 60W = the same board but with a cooling for a H version with a bigger IGPU inside.
  • ALternatively : E-gpu as a module : like a much bigger module port that could house GPU + cooling for 30w
  • Same motherboard : one could switsh mainboard to the 16" laptop
    -Same trackpad : you could switsh them
  • Eventually same keyboard + numpad separate on the side.
  • Upward facing speakers
  • bigger battery

= Make a new laptop case, but not new parts