Move from 13 to 16

What parts from my FW 13” could be reused in the 16”.

Track Pad
WiFi / Bluetooth

If you’re moving from an Intel 13", only the SSD and wifi card would be compatible. If you’re moving from AMD 13", you can add RAM to that as well.

As far as I’m aware, Framework Laptop 16 uses a different touchpad, so that wouldn’t work. You could also re-use an existing USB-C PD charger. It’s important to note that the only parts you would be able to order the laptop without are the RAM, SSD and Power Adapter, as DIY Edition comes with everything except those three parts.


To add on, you can sell your barebones FW13 on r/frameworkmarket, I’m sure many people would be interested!

Note: I dont think this is an officially supported Framework reselling channel but it’s where everyone sells theirs

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As far as I remember, some of the pre builds came with the ax201/ax211 chips. These won’t be compatible.

But the Framework 16 comes with WiFi pre installed anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to transplant it.

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RAM - only if it’s an AMD FW13.
HD - Yes
Trackpad - No
WiFi - Included with the FW16
Other - Expansion cards.

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