Multiple port available?

Dear all, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m just wondering to know whether it would be possible to have multiple ports available on one expansion card?

For example: since the size of the type C port isn’t large, can we have 2 ports available on just one card to expand the portability?

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Hi, there’s a similar proposition here for usb A and C in one port, two usb C could be nice too.

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Agree with two USB-C ports also.
And for photographers,
An SD-Card slot UHS-II compatible
A CFEXPRESS type b / XQD slot
And whatever other favorites there may be.

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I also think it would be awesome to have for example; 2 usbA ports on one card, or an additional and micro as on one card, but in short, multiple ports on one card sounds great :+1:

@Player1 pretty sure two usb A is impossible

It would certainly be possible to design a module that hosted 2 usb c ports ,however transfer speeds would be slower as it will ultimately share one bus when connected to the motherboard. It will still likely be a smooth experience though due to the inherently high transfer speeds of usb c.

In the past the framework team has stated they would like to allow for the community to have the ability to design such additional modules.

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@DevSeanD Phew, I wouldn’t be so sure. While two ports may just fit, you need space for the cable connector as well. You also can’t move the connector fully to the edge of the module as there’s a few mm required for the case and the guiding rails. And on top of that of that, you need space on the inside for a full USB hub controller and some passive electronics. Not saying it’s 100% impossible, but it seems like a stretch to me.