Multiple port per slot expansion slot

I saw that you can choose only 4 ports for expansion slot. Is it possible to have like for example 2 USB-C in one expansion slot or HDMI and display port in single expansion card? I think it’s would be nice to have expansion slot like for example card reader to have full size SD card, micro SD card in one slot. What are maximum bandwidth for each slot? I can see myself using over 4 ports already. Currently living in dongle life :frowning: but I think if there’s only 4 ports then I still need my dongle anyway.

P.S. In PC world there’s never enough USB port lol


There is some discussion on this in What new Expansion Card types do you want to see released? - #45 by Matthew_Bergman


I’m a newbie to all of these so forgive me if I say something stupid or post in the wrong area. I definitely agree that 4 expansion slots (2 per side) is rather limited especially the size of each module looks larger than it needs to be. Can the overall space for 2 slots (on each side) be redesigned for 3 slots? Larger cards (e.g. memory storage) that required the space of 2 of the 3 slots could occupy the outer and middle slot spaces (with the connection point only on the outer slot and no connection for the middle slot). This design will allow the computer to have a minimum of 4 cards to a maximum 6 cards be connected.

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