New chipset for EU Launch?

I know that there are several questions regarding AMD or Intel H chips, however my question is a bit different. I’m from Germany, so I will probably not get my hands on a framework laptop until the end of this year.

By then, the CPU options that are available now will look a bit out of date compared to other laptops. I know that the CPU is not the selling point here, but maybe it would be possible to have a newer option (Intel 12th gen, AMD 6000 or similar) available at the end of the year? That would certainly convince me to buy a framework over one of the new macbook pros.

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I don’t think it makes sense for Framework to announce the specifications of a new model
that would be sold six months from now. This could result in people delaying their orders in order to purchase the next generation.

That said, I think the upgradability of this laptop, including its motherboard, means that the CPU it ships with is less important than other computers. That alone makes me more likely to buy it rather than a MacBook Pro.