What are the odds that a new form factor will be compatible with the current 3:2?

That is to say: I really want to get on the train and get this laptop, but I also don’t want to be stuck in a 3:2 form factor when I’m more used to 16:9. If Framework has plans for a 16:9 format screen, that necessitates a new chassis in that ratio. Does it seem possible that we’ll be able to buy the new chassis by itself and just move the internals over? I’d rather not be left in the cold for another $XXXX if a new Framework form factor is released in an aspect I prefer, even if I can keep supporting the old one so long as there are parts out there.

Looking at the shots of the internals, it looks rather tightly packed.
A 16:9 Screen being less tall, I’d imagine there’s not a huge chance, unless the screen (and therefore the laptop itself) gets bigger as a whole.
Of course, then there’s potential issues with Keyboard ribbon cable and USB-C port and audio jack placing, which will change with a bigger form factor.

That being said, different form factors are, if planned at all, probably very far in the future

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@Skeletorama The 3:2 aspect ratio is kind of part of the design. I was sceptical about the different aspect ratio too because I had only used 16:9. But, the vertical space advantages are so awesome, especially if you use more than one app at a single time on your laptop. If you haven’t before, you should give it a chance.

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