New Laptop Won't Charge/Turn On

Hi! I just got my laptop delivered YESTERDAY ! But it won’t charge and therefore will not turn on. I’ve already submitted a ticket to support but I was hoping someone might have a solution so I don’t have to bother them. I know they have to be busy right now. Also I was hoping to learn a little bit about my computer’s insides as I have never touched the inside of a laptop before. Any information is appreciated <3

Relevant information!

  • Yes I have read the thing about it needing to be plugged in to be able to turn on
  • Yes I have read the thing about the bouncy little piece of seaweed that connects the touch pad to the mainboard. I also saw that the issue with it coming out Should be fixed in batch 3 (which is me) so I figured it isn’t the touchpad end of it that has any issues
  • The charger indeed works! I tried it on my phone
  • I tried my phone’s charger on the laptop too! The LED dot still would not light up :frowning:
  • I have tried plugging in directly to the thingy with the expansion cards Out
  • I only have one usb-c card for it (then two usb-a’s and an hdmi)

At this point I am worried that something else might be wrong on his insides. However I have NO idea what the insides of a laptop are supposed to look like. So if it is helpful for me to provide pictures I can do that! Honestly I am afraid to touch the insides because I don’t know what will hurt it and what won’t. It’s like a game of operation to me. Or changing a car battery. Which I also cannot do.

I would like to avoid having to return it and swap it out for a new one if I can. BUT if nothing works I would still very much appreciate learning the terms of things and what they do! Even if we fix the problem immediately (WHICH WOULD BE GREAT) I would really like to keep learning more! Thank you in advance <3

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The only similar issue I’ve seen was from @pyro in this post

Ok theres probably an obvious reason for this question but as someone Diagnosed With Girl this question makes me :fearful: Please explain purpose and I’ll tell you lmao

I tried it and no luck :frowning:

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Sadly my laptop will charge but the screen does not turn on. I’ve had messages in to FW support but the responses have been a little underwhelming at best. I’ve decided to return my unit and maybe buy back if this ever turns into a thing. Wish them the best.

Since you mentioned that absolutely no LEDs flash or turn on (including the power button, and the tiny LED on the left side of the laptop near the audio input jack), this sounds like a serious enough problem that I think support will reach out to you very soon.

The only other thing I can think of is to double check the battery connector. I would at least visually inspect it and make sure it’s seated correctly. There’s a photo in Step 7 of the guide here: Mainboard Replacement Guide - Framework Guides or Step 6 here: Battery Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

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Yeah I messaged them 24 hours ago and no response, but again I imagine they are super duper busy

Ok SUPER cool thing I now know how to do. I feel powerful. Unfortunately it did not work. But now I know I can touch that bit :star_struck:

@Ramisdad I had a similar issue the first time I turned on my laptop - the power button lit up, the fan was spinning, but screen stayed blank. I removed one of the RAM modules and that seemed to work (mysterious - IDK why).

How long did you let it run? It’s noted someplace here that there is a long startup the first time; presumably halving the memory would cut that time in half. With 16MB mine was on the order of 5 minutes IIRC (it seemed long, but I was Batch 1 so I could be mis-remembering the time). But do give it a few minutes with both SODIMMs in place.

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I left it untouched for several hours then gave up. (My machine is also batch 1)

There is a issue with crucial having one dimm with 8 memory chips and one with 16 chips so maybe remove one module and try again.

So from the initial post, the computer should ship with some charge left in the battery, so the charger and the charging circuit should be irrelevant to the issue. The computer should theoretically turn on out of the box from the factory without ever having seen a charger.

When you press the power button, what happens? I assume there are no lights on anything, and no illumination around the power button itself?

I’d rather just wait for support and if I have to ship it back so be it

I’m just a girl I don’t want to get stalked it’s happened before off of very little information

It needs to be plugged in to work initially but yeah no illumination no nothing. Basically a brick. Is that what bricking is?

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Oof. My condolences for shitty people.

And yeah, that’s what a bricking is for electronics :frowning:
RandomUser revealed that apparently they ship with the bios option for battery disconnect active, which I wasn’t aware of. So maybe it is the charging IC, hard to tell with this info.

Stupid question for clarification, but when you plug in the charging cable is there any indicator light that the laptop is detecting the power? You should be able to see an indicator light turn on, letting you know that it’s accepting power, even if the power button isn’t pressed. If you see that light the problem might be in the connection between your keyboard cover and the laptop motherboard.

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You mean on the LED? Or on the power button? Because the answer is neither :frowning: I have seen no actual changes when I plug it in. The charger might as well be unplugged from the wall.

Dang. The laptop I’m using rn is rly on its last legs so I hope they message me back soon lmao. This thing could die at any moment. I’ll let you know what they end up doing.

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Do you have any monitors around or even a TV? That you could plug into the laptop to see if there is any display out?

It’s not on. No whirring no lights no nothing. I’m 100% sure it’s not on.

When you have taken it apart before can you make sure the connector with the little finger tab is properly connected because the keyboard may have become disconnected?
Input Cover Replacement Guide - Framework Guides Step 5

Yeah ive done that several times :frowning: first thing I learned how to do

If you press the button on the laptop while it is open (you can turn it on while open) and feel if any component is getting warm.