New LTT Video on Framework's Manufacturing


I wonder if any of those lucky 5 would be confused if they don’t know about the signatures and rip the labels off :rofl:

Most likely I think hahaha… Or they would just not understand what it meant.
I don’t think LTT viewers make up the majority of us by a long shot.

I do find it interesting that DIYs are already pre-built… but then un-built. I presume that’s for QA. Also seems a bit defeating… I buy the DIY edition because I wanna do it, but oh, it’s already had memory and storage in it at the factory, lol.

Also tax and shipping. Whole laptops are taxed differently than laptop parts.

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That is exactly the reason. We can’t let a DIY leave the factory without being properly tested. That requires that those components be installed. Absolutely no way around that.


Great video!

Special thanks to our amazing manufacturing partner Compal for letting this happen, and agreeing on extremely short notice! Almost no other manufacturer would allow this level of transparency.

The manufacturing partner is this company?

Did you mess up the formatting?

I edited the OP to fix it.

Very much so :sweat_smile:
Thanks Morph!

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Okay. I confirmed that Compal’s website is introduced at the LTT video 0min50sec, Checking on my Investment in Person - Framework Laptop Factory Tour - YouTube The website is identical.

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