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Now I am watching it. Enjoy!

Nirav Patel’s Framework Laptop // Hackster Café -


…that “as deep as” you want to & “tinker, you want freedom” is limited to what Framework allows you to when it comes to the BIOS. Can’t adjust tau. i.e. Marketing vs reality. Still love the direction of Framework though.

Questions from the interviewer…they don’t flow very well from one question to the next. (e.g. 4:03 to 5:40)

Wasn’t aware that there’s a ‘commercial notebook standard’ on ruggedness.


Damn, as someone who has worked on UL/ETL/CE Certifications the fact that Framework is individually certifying all the different modules makes me so much more amazed at the hardware team. It can be painful dealing with all the details of those certs and having to do it once on a project is painful enough! Amazing job to everyone working on that process!