Nivida gpus and mini led screens

what are the chances that we will get Nivida GPUs as an option as well and maybe mini LED screens like in Razer’s new Blade 16

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Nvidia GPU’s I’d say is likely sometime in the next year or two. mini LED I have no idea.

Based on nothing but my gut.

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The BOE NE160QDM-NM1 (165 Hz) and BOE NE160QDM-NM4 (240 Hz) displays are Mini LED screens from the same manufacturer as the Framework 16’s current display with the exact same dimensions and are listed as having the same connector, so those seem like they wouldn’t be particularly difficult for Framework to offer.

It might even be possible to just buy one of those screens and install it in the Framework 16, although it’s completely possible I’ve missed something so try at your own risk.


Speaking for only myself, I think they’re both terribly unlikely, but the screen is more likely than Nvidia. Nvidia’s mobile GPUs are chasing the high end, and will likely need more power and cooling than the FW16 is bringing. “Gaming laptops” are often built around the GPU first, with the CPU taking second-best when it comes to power and cooling.

Nvidia’s top of the line 4090 mobile is only rated at 150w and can be configured down to 80w.

The currently offered 7700S is rated at 100w and the FW16 expansion bay is rated at a maximum power of 210w @ 20v and 238.1w total.

It seems that even the top of the line 4090 mobile would be achievable. If it’s configured for the max 150w it will likely require a slightly thicker expansion module, although the expansion bay spec was designed to accommodate that.

Fascinating. I haven’t been keeping up with the Nvidia 40 series mobiles, since the last couple of generations were so bad, and I’m a Linux user exclusively, so Nvidia really isn’t an option. Good to know they’re working on it.

the main reason I want an Nvidia card is because they just make better software in terms of raytracing frame gen etc
fuck i miss spelled Nvidia in the post :frowning:

Nvidia cards would be amazing but only if they come with a HDR screen

Are you saying that if they released a 4080 expansion bay module, but didn’t offer another display option, that you wouldn’t buy it?

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don’t play with my feelings mate, I don’t even know if a new HDR screen could be possible without replacing the entire chassis?

Nobody is playing with your feelings. The second response in this thread already showed, that there are multiple Mini-LED screens that have exactly the same dimensions as the one they are planning on using. The only question is whether they are electrically compatible or if they draw more power than framework allocated for the monitor.

not many laptops have HDR only ones i know of is Apples and ones that have mini led like razers new 16 one

Apple is a no-no for me

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To the previous post discussing about BOE NE160QDM-NM4, I did some googling on it and it seems like someone done a similar replacement before. It’s done in this reddit post.

TLDR: They replaced a screen on a 2021 asus laptop and got it to work with some minor CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) adjustments.

Hopefully it means it’s possible with the Framework as well. Of course there’s a whole bunch of variables involved, but it at least means it’s not impossible.

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