NVidia RTX Cards and Intel Chips

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i am wondering if there will be an NVidia Crahpcis Cards extension bay coming up as most of the software we are using works best with nvidia cards.
Also an intel Option would be nice to have, what do you think?

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Sadly, we don’t have any info past framework stating that more graphics cards will be available. Until they say more we don’t know. From what I’ve read Nvidia is notoriously difficult to work with and what’s most likely is that a third party OEM will work with framework to make a module. I agree though, a Nvidia option would be fantastic. I prefer AMD but choice is always a great thing. I’d likely get one to swap out every so often as CUDA is objectivly supirior though. Intel would be amazing too. Never tried one of their cards but they’re fairly interesting from what I’ve seen.

To clarify, we don’t know yet, and it seems quite difficult to work with Nvidia. Plenty of people would like to see this option available though.


No info has been announced for any chips besides AMD on the FW16. Please be patient

My guess is that AMD is going to have some period of exclusivity on the Framework 16 based off of the AMD Advantage Framework 16 video where Nirav talks about how it is hard to get people to work with them and AMD stepped up to the plate. If AMD was responsible for a good portion of the R&D for the swappable/upgradeable GPU connection then it would make sense for them to have a period of exclusivity with Framework, maybe 1-2 years, and possibly with an NDA brought on from either side about that detail. That kind of R&D isn’t cheap and Framework, being a small company, is going to take all the help they can get.


My guess is AMD must have paid them an undisclosed amount of money to be expensive to frame work. So they annexed the other GPUs, if this is not the case they would have already dropped the other GPUs from when they 1st came out.

In all fairness, I have two AMD laptops and I hate them both, the performance is really deplorable and these are mid range to high end devices. I just want you guys to understand that I have tried them in the past year and I was burned on both laptops by AMD.

After this there is no way I would ever buy a AMD product again. Instead of fixing the AMD driver issues they are now buying out companies with this exclusive bs. I wanted one of thes before I decided to buy me msi crossfire laptop, but guess what they have no nvidia GPUs. Lastly you can’t develop Ai within Blender or any Ai platform on an AMD devices. You can try and you will see how far you would get.

No need to pay off companies, on the gpu side they are pretty much the only option for a busyness the size of framework. While I would love for there to be first party nvidia options just for the variety it would take an act of god for nvidia to work with a company this small.


Nvidia is doing the same exclusive bs.

FW16 with the dGPU is still no high performance, aka workstation.
And a nvidia dGPU would be more expensive. And if i think about a high end GPU we talk about more than 1k only for the GPU module.

Serious questions:
Can you do serious AI development outside of a server?
Why do you buy a AMD device if you hate them?

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Why is it AMD’s fault if you are using proprietary NVidia technology to develop?


My past experience with ATi/AMD GPUs has… not been positive. Would deal with graphical glitches and such that did not occur on PCs with Nvidia GPUs.

Granted, some of this is probably due to Nvidia’s predatory and proprietary practices. While I’m not fond of how Nvidia does things (my feelings towards Nvidia matches that of Linus Torvalds), at the end of the day I still want something that’s going to result in less issues with playing games. As a result, I have preferred Nvidia GPUs when possible.

… As an AMD GPU is currently the only option for Framework 16, I’m more than willing to give AMD another chance. However, I’m more than likely to switch to an Nvidia GPU module if/when one becomes available.

Honestly I experienced the opposite. I had quite a lot of issues with Nvidia on Windows. Most annoying one was windows randomly capping rocket league to 60 fps on my 144Hz screen. They termed that “full screen optimisation”. Turning that off globally helped mostly, but it also returned many annoying times. There were a few other glitches with Nvidia, but most of my issues just came from Windows I suspect.

After switching to Linux though, the Nvidia GPU was a shit show. Extreme graphical artifacts sometimes, especially after waking up from suspend (never used that again). A lot of issues on X11, but on Wayland it was just broken. That was a 1080TI two years ago. I spent a lot of time with environment variables to try to fix it and got to a decent point with only a few major glitches in XWayland apps (extreme flickering) and some other annoyances.

Once I switched to an RX 6800XT everything has been rock solid. Both in Linux and Windows, however I didn’t boot Windows in months. Only a bit in the beginning until I realised that my games run well or actually even better on Linux, anyways. I only keep that install around to use Dirac Live for speaker calibration, but I might be able to run that with Wine as well, I didn’t try yet.

I never had issues with Ryzen processors and only a really weird one with an intel processor. That issue I won’t blame on intel though, it was just unlucky in terms of hardware. Basically, it randomly turned off after 9 months of being fine and after 2 weeks of debugging, I bent two pins in the socket and everything was good. I did a lot of troubleshooting and switching parts with a similar PC until I figured that out, however I still can’t fathom how bending those 2 pins fixed it, as it’s been working perfectly fine for 9 months up to that point. That’s the short version of that story.

My point is that everyone has different experiences and I’m sure that the GPU in this laptop will do great, especially for Linux. Since Windows has become basically unbearable, I’m really happy about such an awesome laptop that was developed with Linux in mind.

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