No USB4 hubs or controllers listed in Windows 10 device manager on Framework 13 AMD

  • Which OS (Operating System)? Windows 10 Pro fully updated
  • Which Framework laptop? Framework 13 AMD with 7840U
  • Framework driver and BIOS package installed? Yes, current version
  • AMD Chipset drivers installed? Yes, current version

Hi all! Excited new owner of a Framework 13 AMD here. I’m having a potential issue where there’s no indication in device manager that there are any USB4 hubs or controllers in the system. I have USB-C port expansion cards installed in both the left and right rear expansion bays (I know only the rear bays support USB4 on the AMD 7040 series.) I’m not 100% sure how this USB4 hub and/or controller would appear in device manager so maybe I’m overlooking something. I do have two USB4 Host Router devices under the System devices group. Could someone with an AMD 7040 system check their device manager and see if they find any indication of a USB4 hub and/or controller? Thank you!

My device manager USB groups:
The USB4 Host Routers under the System devices group:


My understanding is that USB4 is more like Thunderbolt than USB.
So, I would not expect it to appear in the list of USB 2 and 3 devices.
For example, USB4 devices uses the “thunderbolt” device driver on Linux.

Due to an unrelated driver issue I ended up installing Windows 11, and there everything looks correct:

In addition the new “USB4 Hubs and Devices” section in the Windows 11 settings confirms that my docking station is connected at 40Gbps as intended:

On an unrelated note my V277U monitor, which supports 75Hz refresh rate through the same dock when using my Intel laptop, won’t go higher than 70 Hz when using the Framework 13 AMD for some reason. Not a concern for me but it is odd.