Noisy clicking Touchpad

Hello Together,

yesterday my DIY Laptop arrived and all in all im very happy with it. I think i had luck with the hinges. My are performing very well by now.

But one thing that annoys me a bit is the touchpad. It looks like it has some tolerances. So when using is it don’t feel very good, because everytime you make a left click (soft) with just tabbing and not pressing the touchpad it make a clicking sound. Is this normal to other users too?

I have an other short question. Is there an option via Key-Combination to shut down the monitor? On my previous Laptop (acer) there was an “fn” combination for that. Its helpful in some situations to save some battery time.

LG Benjamin

The touchpad shouldn’t be moving when you tap it without physically clicking it. Try contacting support about this.

If you’re on Windows, here’s a script that will turn your display off:

powershell (Add-Type '[DllImport(\"user32.dll\")]^public static extern int PostMessage(int hWnd, int hMsg, int wParam, int lParam);' -Name a -Pas)::PostMessage(-1,0x0112,0xF170,2)

You can then invoke it via keyboard shortcut using PowerToys or AutoHotkey.


I think I have a problem with my touchpad.
It’s as if there is a "gap/clearance’’ between “layers” of touchpad.
It makes some noise before “real” click, and it happens just by laying your finger at the bottom of touchpad.

Thanks in advance

PS: Sorry for my bad english

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First of all, no need to apologize for your English, even if it were bad (which it isn’t). I have the same problem, however I only notice it when the device is laying flat on a surface. Since I mostly use it on my lap in bed, I can live with that.

When I asked the support about it and sent them a video, they asked me to follow this guide. Didn’t fix it for me, but maybe you have better luck. If you search this forum, you’ll see that we’re not the only ones having this problem, maybe it’s standard behaviour for the touchpad.

For now I’ll probably wait until there’s a touchpad upgrade option, as I’m not a fan of the physical click. A Macbook really spoils you in that regard.


Hello Jason and Alexis,

good to know that i`m not the only one. I also contacted the support a while ago and got the same repair guide, which was’nt helpful for me. I also send a video and tried to explain what the problem is to the support. But they didn’t really understand it. After a while and because this issue isn’t this big, only annoying i gave up and live with it.

But thanks for your reply. It gives me a little hope, that they will work on a better touchpad in the future.

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I had the same issue. I solved it by putting a piece of paper between the touchpad and the chassis. Its enough that the touchpad has no wiggle room and prevents the clicky sound while tapping on the touchpad. It doesnt interfere with normal clicking:



I just tried to use the guide but didn’t change anything for me.
I think it’s a “design problem” and @Jan-Eric_Schafrich shows us the right solution. (but I hope for a real fix from Framework)

I will try to contact the support.

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i have the same issue and i’m just going to put a small piece of electrical tape on the flanges

I too have/had this problem my replacement input cover was definitely an improvement so if it is bad check with support.

The solution I chose is similar to stated above however I taped the length of the left and right edges of the touchpad restricting the movement/rattle and stopping debris falling down the crack over time.


I have a batch 6 laptop. And it has been doing great since I got it. However for the last few months, it developed the sticky touchpad. The issue was that every so often, the trackpad would not depress and register a right click.

Well I finally got around to emailing support, who determined that I needed to replace the entire input cover, so they sent me another one and I swapped it out. The new one appears physically identical.

However, while it does work reliably, I have to say that I hate it. It is making a chirping sound on each tablet depress. Imagine a very quiet cricket noise. It sounds as if it is a mechanical sound. I think the problem is that they are relying on physical depression of the trackpad assembly to register clicks. It is the physical chirping which is the real killer.

I will use an external mouse for now, but my advice is to go back to the drawing board. Find the guys who actually make the Dell XPS or MacBook touchpads and use them. Right now, the touchpad has similar travel to a key on the keyboard. I am going to try the paper trick and see of that helps.

Did it end up making a difference?

hey @Jan-Eric_Schafrich, thanks a lot! I had the same problem, and putting paper as you described fixed the issue.
CC @Blueprint


Sorry if this has been answered already.

I think this is due to inactivity but my touchpad makes a higher pitched clicking sound after I release it in addition to the standard releasing sound. Haven’t opened it up to look at anything yet in case it’s something I can do without opening.

@Jan-Eric_Schafrich thanks for the idea. I put some electrical tape on the flanges and the trackpad is rock solid now. This was driving me crazy.


I got mine in February and it has the same problem.

@Jan-Eric_Schafrich thank you.

I used the electrical tape method and it fixed it for me, thanks all!

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Had the same problem, the paper fix worked for me, thanks :smiley:

Thought I’d provide a datapoint as well. I have a DIY Edition Ryzen 7, and I was having an annoying sticking on the bottom left. It would subside slightly with extended use, but if I pulled my laptop out of my bag after a few hours, it would be back.

I tried the touchpad rubbing guide, but my touchpad was in perfect alignment already. Didn’t budge at all even when I fully unscrewed the touchpad.

I tried removing and inspecting the bottom bracket, but it looked fine (and I was too cowardly to bend it)

The electrical tape on the flanges actually exacerbated the problem for me, it caused even more sticking (probably just have bad electrical tape lol)

What seems to have solved the problem for me was to clean the flange on the left side with alcohol, a q-tip, and some paper towel. I first removed the bracket so I could get under the flange, rubbed the whole left side, and got as far under the flange as I could, then I soaked the corner of a paper towel in some alcohol, put it between the flange and the palmrest, and pushed down on the flange while withdrawing the paper towel.

That cleaning seems to have fixed the issue, hopefully for good, but we’ll see. Very annoying. Having used ThinkPads since 2015, I very much would like Framework to come out with a TrackPoint input cover and would buy one fast enough to give my credit card whiplash if they did.