Non-forum source for news on ongoing issues/fixes?

I got my framework 13 AMD at the end of Feb and have been very happy with the overall experience. That said, there have been various issues that needed to be addressed, many of which have been corrected by the recent firmware upgrade, but that have needed various workarounds in the mean time. I’ve been wondering if there is a more efficient way to stay up to date on those kinds of issues than just browsing the forums? I do not have time to check in here regurlarly, and it would be great if I could efficiently answer the question: “have any new issues come up recently that I should be watching out for?”, whether that is in a dedicated thread here, a dedicated blog somewhere else, or an email newsletter. The forum style clearly has its utility at times and I’m sure has sped up the fixes as the framework team and users worked together to troubleshoot the issues and find workarounds, but it is not a very good way of just staying up to date and aware of potential problems.


At the bottom of the main Framework page, there’s a list of social-media and related sites, including an RSS feed. Don’t know which, if any, might be best to keep up-to-date, but that might be a good place to start looking.

The RSS feed is for the main framework blog, which has things like product announcements and company news, but does not have e.g. bios update announcements.

The knowledgebase has some useful articles, e.g. it does have a page that’s about the most recent bios, with some details about what issues that version fixes and which are still present. I may bookmark that and check back from time to time, but it’s not really written to convey incremental status changes. And furthermore, it will presumably only be updated once a new bios version is released, so won’t get news about newly discovered issues until after they’ve been fixed.

The closest thing I have found to what I want is this forum, under the Framework 13 AMD section. It does have frequent updates, and when users post new issues, the framework team often responds within the day. It’s possible to work out from these threads what issues are coming up for users, how likely they are to be setup-specific vs widespread, whether/what good workarounds are known, and how close they are to a permanent fix. That information is exactly what I want, I’d just rather not have to wade through pages and pages of “now try this”… “ok I tried that and nothing changed” … “now try this” … “I tried the first thing too and I’ll try the second thing soon” “now I’m trying the second thing” “I tried the second thing and it didn’t work”. What I’m asking is, would it be possible for people in the know at framework or people who are following the forums closely to keep a summary thread that can boil all those posts down to “we are currently troubleshooting issue x in thread y”, and then when the solution is found adding that solution?

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@Destroya, might that be possible?

People share their own experiences in this forum, we track any widespread issues and feedback on our end.

I believe known issues are being tracked in BIOS threads and maybe in the new BIOS update emails but that’s about it.

We currently do not have any planned communications like a “summary of ongoing issues” but maybe someone in the community will decide to gather them and create another venue to share this info.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Thanks for the response and consideration, and good to know I am not missing something. I will say that I think this will not just benefit me and other users but also Framework, by cutting down on the need to repetitively tell different users the same information.

Some time ago I found this repository:

I’m not sure how complete the bug list is and how actively is it maintained – but it mentions BIOS 3.05, so it’s clearly not dead. It’s a great overview at any rate.


Thanks, this looks useful.