Normal performence for the IGPU /APU?

Hey i have a FrameWork 16 without the dgpu (i dont really plan to play big game , it’s mostly a linux work machine but i do have a window drive for game and other personall stuff
ddr5 5600 (crucial)

so i start some old game (for exemple skyrim) and wierdly it run poorly(30 fps low 1920x1200) i know it’s not a discreate gpu but i was expecting better performence then a 750 ti (it supposed to be close to a 1060 3gb from score)

windows in performance mod and plugged

so i did a performanceTest (passmark) and the gpu score is 4463 which seem low compared to the other result on passmark (around 7300)

but i saw during the test the cpu temps was at 95c with a max of 99c while the igpu reach a woping 101c

i try with both amd and framework driver

sorry for the bad english

As someone who’s played some games on the iGPU, I would certainly be expecting higher performance than that. It seems like you’re being heavily thermal throttled, but as for why, I obviously can’t know. There have been some people that RMA’d do to poor thermals and had their issue resolved that way, perhaps it’s worth contacting support.

Have you tried getting the latest driver from AMD?

What are your clock speeds during the test? I’m getting 4.3Ghz
Did you set the RAM in BIOS to gaming? If you installed the BIOS update, you might need to set it to normal, reboot, and set it to gaming again. The BIOS setting lies to you!
You can also check in task manager how much RAM is set to GPU, mine says 4GB.



2x16GB Kingston DDR5-5600 CL40 RAM

Balanced Power Setting
Plugged into the 180W charger
AMD Radeon Driver: 24.3.1
Windows 11, version 23H2

Thanks for the data now i know i’m not crazy hahaha

my bios is in 3.03 and i’m pretty sure i’m up to date with amd driver

i did what you said and it says 4gb aswell !

now my score is more 4900, so still not as expected

what temps are you running during the test (for both cpu and igpu ?)
btw i’m a 4.4 ghz during test with spike at 4.9

Sorry forgot to screenshot GPU temp

GPU freq goes up to 2.7
CPU usually is around 2-3 Ghz - not because of thermal limit, but because the benchmark is GPU limited.
Running CPU benchmarks I get 4.3 Ghz.

Are you running dual channel RAM?

what is that app? seem pretty good and with ddr5 each modul should run un dual chanel so even with 1 stick i should be dual chanel:)

i think i might suffer termal throttling, i will try another run

How many sticks of RAM?


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btw you might be right, it seem like i had a missunderstood of DDR5 Dual chanel, i’m pretty sure someone here will probably explain it better tho but dual channel is kinda different, i guess in cpuz in memory you have 4x32bits right ?

and thanks always used hwmonitor

I removed one of my RAM sticks and ran it again.
Good news: You get to buy another RAM stick


yes, i do.

Can you do me a favor and run Cinebench24?
I always wanted to know how much difference dual channel makes.

ouch 32gb module are not cheap hahahha

but thanks a lot did it affect you cpu speed aswell ? i guess yes ?

sure i will try to not forget tonight !

I only ran the graphics test - and don’t want to open it up again. It’s bedtime for me :wink:

this is the temps / clock during the multi core version, i score 810 but i will remade the test with nothing else running

2x32GB Crucial DDR5-5600 RAM
AMD Radeon Driver: 24.3.1
Windows 11, version 23H2

Performance Power Setting
this is my FW 16 with Dell 130 Watt PSU:
this is my FW 16 with the FW 180W PSU:

Balanced Power Setting
this is my FW 16 with the FW 180W PSU:
The 130 and 180 are within the margin of error (7450) so just posting the 180 run for balanced.

With DDR5 each module has two half speed channels, however when people say “dual channel” they usually actually mean “two full speed channels” or “four half speed channels”.

here is my cinebench 24 for you, it’s the best i manage to get !

actualy kinda impressed by the single core run (and it was the only one i did

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thanks, my issue probably come from the lack of Dual Chanel

yes thanks, i will verify what people says next time hahahaha thanks a lot of the easy explaination ! have a good day