Now available in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden!

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Our products are now available for shipment to Denmark, Finland, and Sweden! That includes the in-stock Framework Laptop 13 and Framework Laptop 16, pre-orders for the new Framework Laptop 13 with Intel Core Ultra Series 1 processors, as well as the modules in the Framework Marketplace.

With this launch, we’re adding Danish and Swedish/Finnish keyboards that you can order now with a Framework Laptop 13 or as a standalone Keyboard or Input Cover Kit. For Framework Laptop 16, these keyboards will be available in late July this year. You can sign up for an email alert on the product page and we’ll notify you when they are in stock.


Niice, preordered AMD with the new screen



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Amazing! I immediately went to order a Swedish keyboard.

I notice there’s a lot less available to order on the Swedish store than, say, the German one. I was hoping to order a WiFi antenna unit for my standalone mainboard and a couple of other parts. Are those parts expected to become available in Sweden soon?

Edit: I refreshed the store and a few more items are available. Looks like I just need to be patient :stuck_out_tongue:


I now have the option to buy the proper Swedish keyboard or keep my blank one so I keep getting to see the look on peoples faces when they mean in to use my laptop. Hard choice.


I’m in exactly the same situation!

Weirdly enough, on the Swedish store I can only order the Swedish keyboard for my Framework 13 as part of an entire new assembly with a trackpad and etc. If I switch to the German store, I can order the Swedish keyboard on its own.

the options should be the same for both regions, can you please check again?

I can’t see any loose F13 keyboards on the Swedish store at all. 16 inch is there and input covers but no loose keyboards.

I just checked again — the Framework Marketplace landing page shows 230 total products when the website is set to Germany, and 56 total products when the website is set to Sweden.

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It appears to have been fixed now. I can see all products while having the site det to Sweden.

@Destroya Congratulations!

I hope Framework will update the following knowledge base article too.

Been waiting for this day a long time. Unfortunately my order did not go through. Card(s) kept getting declined. Already contacted support. Just a bit frustrated at this last minute obstacle… :sweat_smile:

Sorry to hear that, they should check your help request soon and help you!

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Thanks! We should be updating it today!

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I see 230 for Sweden now, I guess we needed a bit of time :wink:

How will the order process go? I usually use a card that i don’t keep extra money on, will FW inform us when they are preparing to take rest of the payment?

Yes! Have been looking forward to this for a while!

I’m looking to buy a 13 factory seconds version, but I don’t seem to be able to buy the Fin/Swe plain keyboard with one. Trying to buy both at the same time whines about

Your bag contains items that ship from different warehouses. At this time, we can only ship from one warehouse for each order placed. Please place a separate order for the other items.

and trying to order only the keyboard tells that

Sorry, we only have stock of that item at one warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.

Should the plain keyboards be available for purchase separately?

It’s working now, that got resolved quickly :smiley:

For the pre-orders, we send a “batch preparation” email 3 business days before we start charging, you should have plenty of time to arrange things on your end.

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Thanks for the question, as far as I know, factory seconds laptop does not come with all keyboard layout options, this is expected.

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