Now available in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden!

Nice, that’s what i wanted to hear.

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In the preview of the Swedish keyboard I notice that some basic labels are missing:

  • Apostrophe (level 1) — on the 2 key
  • Quotation mark (level 2) — on the * key

Is this an artefact of the image or will these labels also be missing on the yet-to-be released keyboards?


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Bought Overkill 16! yay, been waiting a LONG time for this, my current Laptop is in rags!

Though only with the ISO blank keyboard, but I guess it’s a good way to upgrade later and to make a truly custom PC!

as a beginner question, can the expansion bay be swapped at will? (guessing not while turned on) but let’s say before a business travel to the light one?


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So which keyboard ? 16" 13" Chrome ??

crying in Icelandic

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Any details on when we can expect to order a prebuilt framework 13 with Danish keyboard?

Hej Anton, I think you can do that today? (As far as I know it is only the 16 danish keybord that is not out)

(Edit: at least preOrder)

You can pick it on DIY edition but the prebuilts are much more limited when it comes to keyboard selections.

Sorry about that, I was talking about the 16" keyboard. The 13" version in the marketplace has the correct labels. The Danish layout is missing the apostrophe label on the 13", but is correct on the 16"… I’m not understanding the logic here; is this an oversight that is going to be fixed (or already has been fixed) in a future revision or is it by design?

Personally, I’m typing by touch, so I would be fine and could go with blank keys. It may seem superficial to some of you, but as the laptop sometimes will be used by others (not as comfortable with touch typing), missing apostrophe and quotation mark labels has made me reconsider buying.

SE/FI (16"):
SE/FI (13"):


Hey Kess, we had some issues with the images on the marketplace (Not the actual layout, double checked with the teams to confirm) and our team fixed the images last Thursday, can you please check and confirm if you still see this issue? Thanks!


Thank you Destroya for checking,

I removed all cached content from my browser and checked again, the images are mostly the same.

Guided selection:


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Thanks Kess, I’ll share this with the team!


I did get replies pretty quickly initially, but when the ticket was moved to something called the “Framework Escalation support”, I haven’t heard anything back. The ticket was escalated on 1st of July and now it has been more than ten days without any replies. Does it usually take this long or should I do something more on my end? :thinking:

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll escalate this internally.

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Hope to see them available in Norway soon.