How should I buy the laptop right now in Sweden?

I’m quite interested in buying the Framwork laptop right now. I live in Sweden. I was waiting for the Europe launch that was promised in the end 2021 and it sort of happened but it is limited to Germany, UK (and something else I think). So no official sales started in Sweden yet.

Do you have any estimate when it will start in Sweden (and the rest of Europe as well)?

Does it make sense for me to wait for it or I can buy it now from Germany (e.g.) and have the same benefits? I want the US keyboard layout btw.

What’s the best way to follow the progress? (apart from email subscription)


I would be surprised if they launched any more EU countries before the end of this month because I would expect Framework to want to see how their new European distribution system works and have the opportunity to sort out any issues before opening the ‘floodgates’ to more countries.

I’m hopeful that they open up to more countries very soon, but I think it will depend upon how many units they can make, how well progressed they are with all the legal stuff that has to be done in every individual country and how well Batch 8 goes. Remember nobody in the first European batch actually has a laptop yet!

If you happen to know somebody in France or Germany, or the UK, then you could probably get them to buy one for you, but you wouldn’t officially get a warranty.

@andyk2 the official warranty is something I care about so I guess I will wait. Thank you for the response!

@Miike you’re welcome :slight_smile: I hope it isn’t too long of a wait for you! I can say with certainty that the wait between discovering something you want and being able to order it feels an awful lot shorter than the wait between pre-ordering it and waiting for the delivery!

I suppose if you had family or a very good friend in a supported location, you might manage to be OK getting warranty coverage as long as it was only them talking to support, but it’s a big risk that I certainly can’t recommend taking on :frowning:

I was also searching for updates regarding Framework in Sweden and the only real information I found was this from July 2021.

It’s no confirmation or anything and the roadmap/plan may have changed since then, but since it’s the closest I could get to some kind of estimate, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to place an order sometime during 2022.


Any updates on availability in Sweden in the near future? :grinning:

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I am also very much looking forward to be able to buy the framework in Denmark as well.
No need to have a danish KB as the ISO blank will be prefered for me or, even a ‘nordic’ layout.
Personally I bought mine through Shop-USA which worked fine. Although I paid VAT twice :disappointed_relieved: and am a bit unsure about warranty.

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What are the problems dealing in EU outside de,fr,nl?
As far as I know, EU is a common market in which goods are supposed to travel freely.
There is a new Motherboard on the way and ISO keyboards. And there is a big European market outside those countries.

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The same for Norway!

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With a ISO Nordic keyboard layout you will cover Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia all at once (ie Logitech who sells the same keyboard in the whole region).
The Nordic economic region is the third in size inside the EU after UK and Germany. And with a very strong IT sector (Spotify, Klarna, Dice, King, Rovio, (Mojang earlier), Ericsson, Nokia, F-secure etc, etc) with lots of developers and early adopters; the very core-audience for Framework.
Come on, Linus Torvalds might even switch from his current Apple Silicon-laptop if you gave him an honest chance with a Nordic keyboard Framework! :blush:


@nrp Any updates on Framework Laptop availability in the Scandinavian countries during 2022?

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End of 2022 is near so I think its safe to assume it will not be possible to buy the laptop this year either. Anyone heard och read anything about 2023? Personally I’m leaning towards buying another laptop because my old laptop is getting too old. Also I find the lack of information disturbing. What are the plans? What obstacles are they trying to overcome? What is the problem with selling in the whole EU? I searched for answers but have only found unanswered questions so far.


Just had an opportunity to choose a new notebook for work in Sweden. Not yet available in Sweden. Well, maybe in 2 years then.


You can grab a used framework on Ebay, and get upgrades whenever you travel to Europe.
Your friends from europe can send the replacement parts if you need some as a gift hence they are cheap, most likely you wont pay any custom taxes.