Null expansion card

In my expected use of the 16" laptop I’ve ordered it will spend a fair bit of time at my desk plugged into my Ethernet, but it would be nice to leave that protruding card at home when I take it elsewhere, however that will leave a big gap in the bottom of the laptop. I could get an extra USB card to fill the gap, but don’t really need any more. Could you make a simple cover, or null expansion card, to slot into the space to fill the gap? Will everyone need 6 functional expansion cards?

Makes sense but for $9 probably makes sense to just populate the unused slots with another USBC pass thru.

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Or one where you could store snacks? The SNACK Drawer V2: Back in Snacktion


I would go for a network to USB-C adapter or a small usb dock and not change the expansion card at all. The expansion cards are simple X->USB-C adapters after all, so there is no advantage of the expansion card to external adapters if you don’t plan to carry them with you laptop

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You could also use the 3D model files Framework has available to print your own spacer card to go in the space. If you don’t own a 3D printer yourself there are online services that will 3D print things for you.

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