The SNACK Drawer V2: Back in Snacktion

Introducing the newest SNACK Drawer! This new drawer builds on the flaws of the old drawer to make all your drawer fun even more fun than it already was.

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Physical Drawer: $3 + shipping
Digital Files (.stl, .3mf, .step): $8


  • No more flimsy tabs
  • Open without having to lift the laptop
  • Robustified lugs make sure the card will not fall out of the expansion slot

If you previously bought a SNACK Drawer or the digital files, expect an e-mail soon with the updated drawer 3D files as my way of saying thanks for buying into this half-joke that’s become a quarter-joke*. :slight_smile:

*Quarters don’t actually fit inside SNACK Drawers

SNACK Drawer V2

First Aid

Rubber Bands

200 Yen

A Sip of Water

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I look forward to hearing what you all think of these improvements and seeing these drawers in your hands soon!

SNACK Drawer V1 Thread
SNACK Drawer Lite (Free Download)


LoL…sip of water. You’ll need a disclaimer around “at your own risk with what you put in the draw”. There’s bottomless depth to stupidity in the population.


Yeah. I had to be very careful in doing that and was very quick to take the picture. It’s not exactly water tight because of the printing method. I figure that anybody remotely interested in the Framework has enough physical sense to know that water + computer = a bad day.


Maybe freeze the water before inserting the expansion card and keeping the computer below freezing. That would also help the CPU etc. but the battery won’t like it.

I would prefer rum but the temperature to freeze alcohol is a bit beyond my current home status.

How about a rum filled chocolate? Still have to keep it cool.

Still thinking . . . .

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Maybe very tiny rum balls. Or more of a rum square. I think that could do it.

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I wouldn’t put rubber bands in it, the heat from the laptop could perish the rubber rather quicker than usual.

I could see the bandages being useful lol.

Yes they may get very sticky and the brilliant SNACK drawer will be stuck forever.


Other uses

  • microUSB to USB C
  • silica gel packet
  • folded hundred dollar bill
  • proper bios battery
  • guitar pick

Gonna want more expansion card slots now :frowning:

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I actually now have these loaded in there. It will be nice to come to the rescue of someone who gets a papercut.

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AH! The drawer could be really usefull for contact lenses :slight_smile:

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I use my Lite drawer to keep a microfibre cloth for the screen.

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That’s a good use of a SNACK drawer. :slight_smile:

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We have reached peak expansion card design. It’s all downhill from here.


This is also the best thread title on this forum, ever.



Any chance you could get this expansion card USB-IF certified? I’d feel a lot more comfortable using it


Maybe the users of modern gadgets need certifying as-IF. I so often see poor posts indictating a failure of protocol and/or corrupted synaptic pathways.

Guilty as charged. I have a really old kernal that I’m not sure can be updated.

I’m glad someone here has their priorities ‘right’

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Add in a USB heating rod to make it a mini oven. For mini toast, s’mores, cakes, and snacks galore!


(I ordered one btw, thanks!)


A nip of chocolate. But only on the right (cooler) side of the laptop.


Maybe a few roasted coffe beans.
Take one out and keep in in your cheek or chew on it when things get really rough.

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The chance is as slim as the items one can put inside the drawer. The drawer does not touch the USB port at all. It is flat on the back side. If there is some particular worry, I’d be happy to do some kind of test (non-laptop destroying) for you.

I think the worst that could ever possibly happen with this drawer is someone or someone’s dog trys to eat the drawer and chokes, you store glue and hurt your finger trying to open it, or the drawer breaks from a fall.

I’ve been using my batch 1 laptop with a drawer in it with no harm to anybody or the laptop.

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