NVMe SSD options

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I’m super excited about the whole concept.
I’ve literally waited years to buy a laptop, hoping someone would one day offer the same customisation possibilities for them, as regular desktop PCs do.

Do you think the framework laptop will be big enough to include heatsink for NVMe SSDs ?
Keep up the great work !


It depends on the heatsink. A thin heatspreader would probably fit, but probably not more than that.

Using thermal pads, could the laptop case be used as a heat sink?

It should be possible to add a pad to sink into the keyboard bracket, but that’s not something we’re currently testing, so YMMV.

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Will the motherboard drive socket be high enough to support a double-sided M.2 drive??

I have been looking into the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 4TB and the OWC Aura Pro 8 TB options, but these drives have chips on both sides.

Thank you!

Yep, replied here: Double-sided M.2 support?

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