Support for SATA SSDs

Would the mainboard support SATA SSDs with B&M keys?

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I think it is just going to be PCIe SSDs. In all of the posts/information they talk about NVMe PCIe SSDs, suggesting that SATA SSDs won’t be supported…

The reason for this choice I guess is that NVMe SSDs are much faster and SATA SSDs are quite outdated at this point in time…

Hi @Tzu-Wei_Wu, Sorry no support for SATA SSDs.

Pretty sure there is not enough room inside SATA SSD. Maybe somebody will design a USB-C to SATA “extension card” though.

So even though it’s a m.2 2280 port for the SSD it won’t support SATA M.2 drives? I have a Western Digitial M.2 2280 500GB but it won’t work because it’s a SATA interface and not NVMe? That’s too bad. I don’t really need that much speed and it’s nice to use the SATA drives because they run cooler than the NVMe versions. (Also they’re usually cheaper!)

Misunderstanding! When one speaks of “sata drives” one conjures visions of 2.5"/3.5" SATA hard drives as used in laptops/PCs. As for M.2 sata drives, I imagine the interface to the motherboard is the same, so it should work (shrug). Maybe the FW team can chime in on this one with a definitive answer.

Ye I have a few sticks of M.2 SSD. Shoulda been clearer sorry.

I would think as long as the slot supports the right keys it should work, I don’t see any benefit of Framework limiting it. However assuming they are using WD Black SSDs, it seems it will physically fit my current Crucial M.2 SATA SSDs as they are of the B&M key combo (6 pins and 5 pins respectively).

Might be a good idea for the admin team to start compiling a compatibility library for reference.

After doing some checks I don’t think it’ll fit as I did try the same Crucial M.2 SATA SSD on a Lenovo P1 Gen 1 and it couldn’t fit. Looking forward to the Framework team coming back on this.

So your Crucial that is a B&M won’t physically fit in your Thinkpad? Seems like it should. It might not be recognized by the system but it should physically fit in.

It’s possible there’s simply no SATA controller at all.